Leadership skills - 4 metrics that matter - based on science

Jone L. Pearce, Distinguished Professor Emerita of Organization and Management at The Paul Merage School of Business put together a leadership inventory consisting of the four best-established (and in the public domain) predictors of leadership success.  

The 4 skills and scholarly reading to support them are as follows:

Self- Monitoring

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Political Skills

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Emotional Intelligence 

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Inspirational Leadership

Conger, J. A., and Kanungo, R. N. 1998. Charismatic Leadership in Organizations. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Den Hartog, D., et al. 1999. Culture Specific and Cross-culturally Generalizable Implicit Leadership Theories. Leadership Quarterly, 10, 219-256.

She offers a leadership inventory and you can reach out to her at: https://sites.uci.edu/jlpearce/ 

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