Don’t Be Afraid of Tantrums

Reality – emotions are difficult. Your child has to learn how to cope with them. Helping them learn is your job. If they never experience them, they won’t learn how to cope with them.

I participate in several positive parenting and peaceful parenting forums. One of the things I’ve noticed is that many parents are afraid of their children’s tantrum. Like – if their child throws a tantrum they have failed as a parent and are ruining their kids.

Finally, a post about workplace bullying I love

I’m not really going to post much here. I just want you to follow this link and read through it ALL!!! Don’t worry – it includes graphics.

What I like is that this is thorough. It’s not filled with meaningless platitudes or drivel.

Accentuate the Positive

Language matters. How you express yourself impacts how you feel and how you make others feel. Some simple changes can help you accentuate the positive and make it easier for other people to support you too.

One of my wisest friends, who committed suicide because of child abuse once told me, “Never ask a guy if you look fat in something. Instead, focus on the positive. Ask him “Doesn’t this dress make my eyes look fabulous?”

Her point was that if you ask for negative, you are probably going to get a negative back. Because even if someone doesn’t want to insult you – you phrasing your input needs in the negative forces the response to respond to the negative, even if the person trying to make you feel wants to help.

Disagreeing – Professionally

The goal of any professional, or rather anyone who considers themselves to be professional, is to disagree civilly. That is what makes a professional a professional. They don’t get riled up.   This is professional, not personal.

That’s the ideal. The reality ... yeah – most of us get riled up. So, the question is – how can we maintain our professional standards of conduct and still disagree and still be heard and still make our point when other people are taking it personally.  And how can we not take it personally when they so clearly make it personal?
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