Secular is Insufficient

Humanist Service Corps – why secular volunteerism isn’t enough. The starting point must be Humanism.

There is a wonderful article at Applied Sentience on the Humanist Service Corp and how important it is that it is Humanist and not simply secular.  See: 

Secular volunteerism just means that the program is not tied to or promoting religion. But it doesn’t explain WHY people are volunteering or what they hope to accomplish by volunteering. For that, you need a philosophic statement of purpose. Which is why Humanist Service Corp is a Humanist service Corp and not just a Secular Service Corp.

Being the Adult

Why reminding yourself to not act like a child when you get in an argument matters.

I am the first one to admit that I don’t always practice what I preach. I have this cool new course on how to win arguments without arguing (see: and I still find myself doing everything I say not to do in my course.

Whenever I act childish, I get the exact results I predict I would get in my course. I don’t win and I look like a childish idiot.

A Humanist Revolution

What are the origins of Humanism? Is Humanism a response to religion? A response to naturalism? An outgrowth of ethical reasoning? The answer is yes. And no. To all of them.

Ryan Bell wrote an article critiquing an article that claims secular Humanism grew out of Christianity.  See: Ryan is correct to rebut this claim.

Humanism predates Christianity and while western Humanism may have grown out of or been influenced by Christianity, other forms of Humanism can also claim to have grown out of the respective dominant religious traditions present in the culture at the time the Humanist tradition emerged in that culture.

It’s not just about ideas

Having a vision is one part of being a leader. But temperament matters too.

I am a woman. I realize that is obvious, but it’s important to what I am about to say. It’s not enough for a leader to have good ideas. The question is: are you willing to listen to other people who might help you tweak your ideas and help you achieve your goals? And if so, who are you willing to listen to?

Mostly, we only want to listen to people who are like us. And for women in the workplace, or really any person from any marginalized group, not being listened to is a problem. A BIG PROBLEM!
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