How Humanists Celebrate the Holidays

Thought you all would enjoy this.  You have my permission to enjoy yourself this holiday season regardless of what holiday you celebrate.

A Humanists Guide to the Holiday. All your questions about how a Humanist celebrates Christmas and the other winter holidays answered by an actual Humanist. Relax - it's just Christmas.

How to get along with nearly anyone by applying Humanism

My advice for getting along with people is to see them for who they are and not who you assume them or need them to be.

Most of our interactions with other people are egocentric. We see and experience other people through our own lens of experience, and through our own needs.

But other people are fully human. They aren't cardboard cutout walk ons in the movie of your life that stars you. They are the stars of their own movies. So stop trying to make them be someone they aren't. And stop getting mad at them when they fail to be who you needed them to be. Instead, accept them for who they are – flaws and all – and give them the space they need to be themselves.

Humanism encourages us to treat each other as fully human. This helps us treat each other better.

It’s amazing how much this one thing – compassion for others – changes everything.

Don’t make these 10 mistakes on a first date.

First dates are to learn whether or not you and the other person are compatible. You do need to be yourself, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to make a good impression.

Here is a list of 10 things you should avoid on first dates if you want to get a 2nd one.

1)     Talking about your ex negatively
2)     Talking about your parents negatively
3)     Anger management issues – ie: getting mad and feeling insulted at every little thing
4)     Eating onions and/or garlic when your date doesn't
5)     Getting sloppy drunk
6)     Talking about yourself and not asking or listening to what your date has to say
7)     Expecting anything to come out of a first date – a first date is just that – a first date. Don’t expect it to end any particular way – just go out and see whether you really like the person first! This isn't about marriage … yet.
8)     Driving while intoxicated – take a cab if you plan to impair your cognitive functions while out.
9)     Going for a marathon date.  Plan on something short so if things don’t work out – you can both exit gracefully. If you like each other, you can extend your time together, but don’t plan on it.
10)  Telling the person you love them eternally. This is a first date. Don’t rush things.

Do you have any first date horror stories that are deal killers for you?

The single most important piece of advice if you want to be happy

Accept reality

As crappy as reality can be – rejecting it or denying it or fighting it only causes you more problems.  And this is a fight you cannot win. Reality is reality. You can’t change it.

I find that as soon as I stop fighting reality, my stress levels reduce. When I accept reality I am now able to find a solution to the problem I was trying to avoid and my life gets better and easier and less stressful.

this is a fight you cannot win. Reality is reality. You can’t change it.

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