Holding on to past mistakes - is it a mistake?

I once asked some friends on LinkedIn - were they holding onto past mistakes and if so - what were they doing to let it go.

I got a couple of responses that made the case that past mistakes - were good things. Worth holding onto.

George Theo who is the Owner and Creative Partner at VirtuAD Limited said this, "Holding? They form the skeleton of everyone's existence."

Sara Rosinsky, who is a Senior Copywriter for Hire, Freelance or Full-Time said her has "a well-organized library. For easy access."

Past mistakes – aren’t necessarily bad things – they can be really awesome things. 

First - some of the great scientific discoveries - were mistakes. Every scientist I know - loves being wrong. Love may be a strong word - but they do enjoy learning something new. The only way to learn something new - is to learn that what you used to think - is wrong. 

Another way to think of mistakes - is as my friends do - as experiences. It's ok to be mistaken. We all are from time to time. And if we keep a catalog of our mistakes - perhaps we can avoid doing the same mistake - again.

Someone asked me the other day about how I got my son to apologize. My answer is - we never taught him to do that. It's just that we were always apologizing to him whenever we made a mistake and hurt him in some way.  It's what you do - you apologize and make amends and move on.  So - when he makes a mistake - he apologizes - and moves on - most of the time.  Sometimes he is embarrassed about it - but he's always relieved once we get to admission of the mistake - as the heaviness of holding it - is lifted.

And it does  feel that way - like a weight is lifted - when you admit to a mistake. You don't have to hide it anymore. You don't have to be embarrassed about it anymore. You made a mistake. Great - now you can correct it. Correcting mistakes is empowering. And that feels - great.

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Lectors in cigar factories.lesson in employee wellbeing and community

A lesson in employee well being and community

I live in Florida - near Tampa. My son loves to go to Ybor City - which is where the cigar factories were. The history of the cigar factories is interesting. They almost located in my county - which was bigger population wise. But our founding fathers were greed SOBs (the used enslaved labor up until the 1940s - and actually the last slavery prosecution here was in 2005). Anyway - they priced the land too high and the cigar companies located where the land was cheaper - in Tampa.  Tampa grew to be a major city. Mine - is hardly worth noting.

But I'm not here to talk about the negative impact greed had on the development - or rather - lack of development - in my county.

Instead - I want to talk about he practice of lectors.  Making cigars is simple - but tedious. So - the companies allowed workers to pool their resources and hire a lector to read stories and news and other things to the workers to help relieve the boredom. The choice of material was made by the workers.

The lector - helped build community - within the community of workers. It's something they shared together and enjoyed together while they worked.

It's an interesting concept to think about. How might workers today - create community - through shared story telling.

Correcting Cognitive Bias to make life more fair

We all have a sense of fairness. And when we aren't treated fairly - we get cranky.   Whether people acknowledgement or not - we all have biases. And these biases impact our decision making.

One of the impact of this is that women and minorities - just aren't hired for jobs - they probably should be. And I talk to people who say - well - maybe they just aren't as talented - as the men.  But ... there is plenty of research on eliminating gender and minority markers - has a positive impact on "diversity" hiring.  The process - becomes more fair.

Here is a video about it.  Correcting for cognitive biases - taking affirmative action to correct for bias - yields better results. Not just for diversity - but for the quality of people hired. Because - let's face it - if the best person is a woman of color - and they are being discounted because of their gender and skin tone - then you aren't hiring the objectively best person for the job.

A big part of effective decision making and critical thinking skills - is learning to overcome your biases - so that you can make good decisions - based on what is objectively good - and not what you biasedly think is good.

This impacts - every decision you make!  So please - learn critical thinking skills and please learn about how to uncover and control your hidden biases.

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