DARVO - responding accordingly to people who aren't in control of their anger

 A while back I posted this article at my blog on bullying. It's about how bullies, when confronted, will often deny, attack, reverse victim and offender. There is a term for this phenomenon called DARVO. 

Here is the link to the original article. https://bullyvaccineproject.com/darvo-deny-attack-and-reverse-victim-and-offender/

I am posting it here as it strikes me as a useful thing to learn about for people interested in both humanistic management and humanistic leadership and also, people responsible for dealing with and eliminating bullying in the workplace.

Bullies are very predictable. We can use their predictability to help us a) figure out what is really going and and b) we can use this to better control the dynamic. But most of all – we have to stop tolerating bad behavior from people.

If someone is wrongly accused, they should still act responsibly and work with investigators to get to the truth. Ranting and raving about fighting – is evidence of someone who isn’t actually in control of their behavior. And we should recognize that and deal with it accordingly.

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