Donut Economics

 I came across an article about donut economics and I really really really like it as a concept and way to think about HOW we organize and to what end.

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Basically – there is level of ecological sustainability that we cannot surpass without killing ourselves.

There is also a bottom level of social sustainability (basically poverty) below which people can’t participate in society.

The goal is to have everyone living inside the donut hole space where we have both social sustainability and ecological sustainability.

Humanistic Management and Humanistic Capitalism

If you read my blog you know that I am an advocate for both humanistic management and humanistic capitalism.

Demand drives the economy. Capitalism only works as a way to efficiently distribute resources if people CAN participate in the economy. If they can't, because they are too poor to or because they are excluded by discriminatory laws, then capitalism simply doesn't work. 

We need to be looking for ways to both eliminate poverty, but do so in a way that makes sure we don't overload our ecosystem. 

To me, it is pro-capitalist to have a social safety net. It is pro-capitalism to ensure ecological and environmental justice.  We must start rejecting the either/or false dichotomies and start looking for ways to help people and help the environment because doing both, will help the economy. 

Why am I talking about this so much?

Because as people concerned with humanistic management and humanistic leadership, we have an obligation to be leaders in this area. Our collective individual decisions is what leads to the big decisions. 

We absolutely must find the courage and the language to argue for sustainability and all that that means. We must start making the business case for this. Or nothing will change. 

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