How can humanism affect people's lives?

Humanism is a personal philosophy of life that without supernaturalism affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good of humanity.

I can only speak to the benefits I personally received from practicing this philosophy.
  1. I feel connected all the time. I am biologically related to all life on earth and chemically related to the universe.
  2. Additionally - I view all of humanity as my brothers and sisters and related family. Everyone I meet, I am inclined to like - because I view them as part of my family. The result is I am at ease with people I meet and I don’t live in fear of other people. I just enjoy their company - whoever they are and for whatever length of time I am in their presence. The level of contentedness and connectedness this gives me is - really comforting.
  3. I feel satisfied and like I am a success in life, because - most of the time, I live up to my values and ideals and because I feel so connected to people and the universe - I just - feel stupid happy contented bliss - most of the time, even when things aren’t going well. And no - I don’t take drugs - this just appears to be an after effect of feeling so connected.
  4. I think my problem solving is improved. By rejection supernaturalism entirely - I can focus on finding practical solutions to my problems. I also don’t spend any time waiting on supernatural interventions. If something is wrong, I need to fix it - because - if I don’t, who else will?
  5. I don’t experience interpersonal problems in the same way as other people do - I don’t think. Because I view people as family members, I approach disagreements - not as conflicts, but as disagreements that can be rationally resolved. And because I am not in fight/flight mode with people I disagree with - I just - don’t get into conflicts with people.
  6. When people are in conflict with me - I almost never notice it. It’s just not a lens I view interactions through anymore. So - when people are in conflict with me - they end up having a 1 sided fight, because - I don’t fight them. And when I finally do realize that they were trying to get me to fight them - I laugh. Because it’s silly to fight over nothing. And it’s almost always over nothing.
My conclusion is - Humanism helps me to lead a happy fulfilling life that aspires to the greater good of humanity. The effect it has had on my life is extremely positive. So positive, I do believe it is a superior way of living.

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