My success as a woman in business

My husband always tells me – it takes 8 years to become an overnight sensation.  And a big part of the battle – is just showing up consistently.

My success is a function of endurance and innovation.

I run an online learning company called Humanist Learning Systems. I provide online continuing education for HR, and legal professionals as well as personal development training and humanistic leadership training. My major focus is teaching people how to humanistically handle bullying situations using compassion and behavioral science to train bullies to stop. And yes, it does work. This is the – innovation part of what I do.

The rest is sweat equity and endurance.  I do this work – part time. I am primarily a mom to a now 14-year-old son. A big part of my current success is that I had the financial ability to keep at it over the course of years.

A really interesting thing happened in year 5. Suddenly, I was considered a legitimate business by the companies seeking me out.  I’ve been around long enough that I’m not likely to fold in the middle of a contract.  The longevity of my business gives me credibility. After all, a business that isn’t successful, closes shop. I haven’t -  therefore I must be successful. After the 5 year mark – getting new clients got easier. 

The other aspect of my success is volunteering. 

I don’t focus so much on making money – as much as I do on helping other people. My latest book- was a result of volunteering to promote – Humanistic Management. I’m on the board now – of the International Humanistic Management Association.  Why? Because I showed up consistently – not because I was expecting to get anything out of it – but because it was work that I am passionate about and that needs to get done. I was asked to write a book as a result of that volunteer work and I’m meeting people I wouldn’t otherwise meet and I’m seen as an expert in my field – just because I showed up and volunteered and have done so consistently for several years. 

In order for an innovation to be trusted, you have to endure long enough to gain people’s trust. 

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