The danger of psychological warfare - intelligence isnt' a defense

Americans are being subjected to psychological warfare and most have no clue what exactly is happening and why it matters.

I have heard very smart people equate the problem with intelligence, only stupid people fall for fake news. As an expert in behavioral conditioning - let's just put that idea to bed. INTELLIGENCE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEHAVIORAL CONDITIONING!

This isn't about who is smart and who isn't. And it's not even a partisan issue - despite most people wanting it to be.

Behavioral conditioning - can make you hum dixie when you hear a specific bird whistle. And you won't even know why that song is suddenly in your head. It just will be. You won't even know when or how you were conditioned to think of that song when you get that specific stimulus. In fact, you won't even know that you were conditioned, you may not think anything is odd at all. THAT is the power of behavioral conditioning!

Most people have zero knowledge that they are being conditioned/manipulated and even ones who are - still have their behavior changed - because - behavioral conditioning does not require the consent of the target!

Behavioral conditioning can make you think certain thoughts. It can make you NOT think certain thoughts and trigger certain other thoughts whenever certain stimulus is brought up. It's at the heart of cult behavior and resistance to outside information. It's why republicans "what about" - every time they are told a republican has behaved badly.

EVERYONE is being conditioned by their conditions at all times. Most of this is benign and a result of natural consequences. But it can also be done malignantly by bad actors. Think of adults who groom children for sex, or people who end up in abusive relationships they can't get out of because their partner is abusing them - not just physically - but psychologically. People who have this happen - don't consent to this happening. They don't even know it's happened. They think their thoughts are their own and that they are being totally rational even if they aren't.

And again, everyone is susceptible. EVERYONE! We are all susceptible because we are all human and all wired the same way.

Can this be resisted?
Yes - but only with great effort and with awareness of a) how it's being done and b) with counter measures to resist the conditioning. And even then - it's super hard to resist this sort of conditioning. And THAT is what Russians have been doing to us. It's called - psychological warfare for a REASON!

The techniques that can help you train a bully to stop - can also convince people to join a cult - or vote a certain way. The reason I teach what I do - even though I know it can be used for evil - is because - it's already being used for evil and our only chance of protecting ourselves - is to understand how it's happening and to take control of the dynamic.

Any of my online courses on how to stop bullying (and yes - some are free), will teach you how this works.

People who have gotten my book - The Bully Vaccine have told me that it's helped them recognize these dynamics as they play out in their lives and help them change those dynamics and resist the conditioning they have experienced.

It's critical we learn how to defend ourselves. Learn more - and be part of the solution. 

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