How to build a thriving work culture

The key to creating a thriving workplace culture - is to be specific about what the values of this - thriving culture are. What are the values you want people to exemplify in their work and with each other?  This is why Humanistic Management is so important.

The number 1 tip – is to integrate ethical questions into every discussion.  What is the moral and right thing to do here? What is a good – and ethical outcome of this situation?

When people talk about workplace culture – they are really talking about morality and ethics. Which is apparently missing – or we wouldn’t be talking about culture.

One way to get an ethical workplace culture – is to make talking about what is ethical and good – part of the normal business practice and you do that – by asking the question – what is the moral thing to do.  Whether it has to do with helping a customer or figuring out how to get energy for your company, make sure to talk about ethics.

I teach humanistic business management and am the author of the new book – Applied Humanism: How to create more effective and ethical businesses.

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