Can I condition myself to be happy in the morning (be a morning person)?

Yes. You can condition yourself to be a better morning person. Habit and behavior formation is well studied and just takes time to accomplish.

1) set a regular time to get up and don’t push snooze. Just - get up and get started. Will you be cranky at first? Of course. That’s part of the learning process. Accept it as part of the learning process and don’t let your cranky get in the way of actually getting up.
2) Congratulate yourself on getting up. How awesome is it. Yes - you are tired and cranky - but you still got out of bed when you wanted to.
3) Find a nice way to use the extra morning time you just gave yourself. Indulge in a little something to reward yourself. Only do this when you actually get up and get going.
4) Remind yourself how awesome you are for getting up even when you don’t want to.

After about 1 month - it should be a habit and you will feel better about getting up on time and be way less cranky about it.

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