What skill sets do children need for the future?

The 6C’s – Skill set for effective lifelong living and learning.

I love it when best practices coincide with a humanist approach to life.  It turns out that early childhood education specialists, Doctors Golinkoff & Hirsh-Pask, have narrowed down the key list of skills children should learn so that they can learn how to learn so that they can keep learning as they grow up.  (See more at: http://dupagechildrens.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/ELRAC_Brochure_11_11_2013_update.pdf)

Why is all this learning important? Because success in life is largely a measure, not of what you know, but of how you use the information you have. So the synthesis of information is important AND knowing how to acquire new information if it turns out you are mistaken is also important.  Because the only thing worse than being wrong is continuing to be wrong because you don’t know how to correct your mistakes.

Anyway – the 6Cs – the skill set we need to focus on to help our children learn.
  • ·         Collaboration (building new knowledge and approaches with others);
  • ·         Communication (persuasively arguing – and listening – to share ideas);
  • ·         Content (the 3R’s and so much more);
  • ·         Critical thinking (selecting and synthesizing the information needed to perform the task at hand);
  • ·         Creative innovation (using content and critical thinking to envision new solutions to old problems);
  • ·         and Confidence (the old saws about perspiration and perseverance have much to offer).

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