Wellness as a Humanist concept

What is well-being and how can it help you to be more ethical and happy?

I come at this from a Humanist perspective (so not religious – but dedicated to thriving as a whole human).

For me –the act of making well-being, contentment or happiness a priority helps me to make decisions that are not only in my best interest, but in the best interest of others. In other words, wanting to be happy or well – helps me to make more ethical decisions and be more ethical as a person.

Which seems counter-intuitive, but it really does work.  I bring this back to Epicurus – pain is to be avoided. But a little bit of pain to get long term gain is good.  Short term gain for long term pain is bad.

By prioritizing well-being – I am better able to employ a decision making framework that helps me avoid those short term gain for long term pain situations – and so – I am able to not sabotage my happiness as a result.

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