Ten Humanist Commitments

We Humanists don’t do commandments. We do, however, feel very strongly about our commitments to others.  This is why the Kochhar Humanist Education Center has issued 10 Humanist Commitments to Education.  These are the values Humanists feel should be taught in our schools.  http://cohe.humanistinstitute.org/?page_id=14747

The website also includes resources in case you want to teach your own children these values and skills. For the record, the 10 values Humanist feel we should be committed to teaching our children are:

  1. Altruism
  2. Caring for the World Around Us
  3. Critical Thinking
  4. Empathy
  5. Ethical Development
  6. Global Awareness
  7. Humility
  8. Peace and Social Justice
  9. Responsibility
  10. Service and Participation

 “This ethical mission is an essential part of all education, public and private, elementary through high school and university.  In a democratic and pluralist society, we believe that the values presented should be the moral foundation of education.”

If you agree – add your name to the document. http://cohe.humanistinstitute.org/?page_id=14747


  1. Please correct this version of the 10 commitments to list #7 as Humility. The full correct version of the 10 commitments can be found at the AHA Center for Education: http://cohe.humanistinstitute.org/?page_id=14747

    Thank you, Kristin Wintermute
    Director of Education, AHA Center for Education

    1. Thanks Kristin - the change has been made and the links updated. Hope you are doing well.


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