Nothing ever changes

So… I ran into a girlfriend over the weekend that I haven’t seen in ages. It was nice, though a little awkward. She wants to friend me on facebook. I’m not sure I should do that because, well… as it turns out, she is one of the people I wrote about in my book and not in a flattering way. If she knew I wrote a book, she would want to read it and while I didn’t use any names she would definitely recognize herself and her situation. You see she has problems with basic life management issues. I was hoping when I saw her those issues would be resolved, given that I haven’t seen her in over 5 years. It turns out they aren’t and I was not all that surprised.

Now, why am I telling you this? Two reasons. The first is that if you find yourself attracted to someone who has basic life management issues such as not being able to secure housing, transport, food, or being able to get or hold a job in a normal economy (current conditions do not apply) don’t assume it is a temporary problem. Even poor people are able to find housing and food. So unless you want to end up taking care of a person who can’t be cared for, don’t date a person like this.

The second reason is that if this describes you: YOU NEED TO CHANGE! You can’t look to other people to solve your problems for you. You need to do that for yourself. It is your responsibility and no one else’s. If you are emotionally incapable of coping, seek help. You will be surprised how effective drugs are today. They can help take the edge off so you can focus without nasty numbing side effects. Remember, the Humanist approach to happiness is to take personal responsibility for your life and your happiness.

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