Learning about Evolution

Learning about Evolution is important. Not only because it is important to be scientifically literate, but also because Evolution is a unifying concept in science. Scientific disciplines with a historical component, such as astronomy, geology, biology, and anthropology, cannot be taught without a clear understanding of Evolution. Further, nothing in biology makes sense without the context of Evolution and a clear understanding of Evolutionary biology is critical to our ability to fight diseases. As an added bonus viewing biology through the lens of Evolution is not only intellectually satisfying, it is downright inspiring.

If you want an update on exactly what the current state of science is on evolution, I recommend Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin. A friend of mine who teaches high school biology recommended this book to me. It is an excellent book. It is easy to read and really interesting. If you were in school anytime before 2000, this book will help bring you up to date on not only the evidence for evolution, but also what science is capable of now.

If you are on the fence about Evolution or are confused about what Evolution is and why scientists are SOOOOO adamant it be taught, this book will help answer your questions. Your Inner Fish tells the story of how the author found a missing link fossil (fish to amphibian) two years ago. It ranges through a variety of disciplines explaining how each field is tied to the others. The evidence for Evolution is overwhelming. How anyone could deny the evidence after reading this book is beyond me.

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