The future of workplace training programs online

 I offer online training programs and have seen an uptick in interest in online training.

It is clear there is still a general distrust of online training in some segments, however, covid has obviously, increased interest in getting the training done – online so as not to spread disease in person. 

I think, however, that the distrust of online training is misplaced. There are a lot of benefits to doing an online training program.

The benefits of online training

Online learning, can be really efficient in terms of costs and reporting.

I work in the EEO field, though I also offer humanistic leadership development programs as well.

With EEO or any compliance training, you must prove your staff learned the material and met the time requirements of the training.  Online platforms can do this well by ensuring people are in the lessons for the required amount of time and pass a comprehension exam to complete the program.  

Compliance training also requires adequate reporting. Companies need to provide reporting that proves the training occurred. Again, online training platforms do this really well as you can generate logs for each users to prove each keystroke they make inside the learning program as well as issue certificates of completion.

With modern online training programs, it's pretty much impossible to cheat the system. People are forced to participate or they don't pass the class. This compares with in person, where people may be physically present, but ignore what is being taught.  

Another benefit is that you can purchase access to an online learning library – and not just a specific class. This allows participants to engage in personal development in excess of the required training programs – which is also a benefit to the user. 

I think for compliance training, online is where the future is specifically because it is convenient and provides such excellent compliance reporting.

The benefits of in person training

The main benefit of in person training is still – networking.  The opportunity to have casual conversations with your colleagues during breaks helps build relationships and trust which is – important for teams to develop. 

This benefit of a live training is incredibly hard to replicate online. It can be done, but it's not as easy or natural as being in person.

For personal development and leadership development, - I think whether you choose in person or online is a personal choice and it depends on your objectives. 

I do get individuals who are doing personal and professional leadership development online. It's just another form of self study. Some people read books, some people take online courses. 

But groups who want leadership training are still asking me to come out in person to do the training, because the in person networking benefits are still so important for that. But for individuals who want to improve – an online course is similar to purchasing a book. It’s a great way to improve your skills.

A hybrid approach

One of the suggestions I make to clients who do want in person is to conduct a hybrid training.   Do some of the learning, online at their own pace and combine that with an in person, workshop or discussion.  This will ensure that everyone arrives to the in person training ready to discuss implementation of what they learned online and will provide more opportunities for networking and collaboration and discussion - which in turn will help participants get to know each other and build the relationships that are so essential to their success.

A hybrid approach really will help you maximize the learning and the networking.

Ask Me For Help.

If you have any questions, just let me know. If you are contemplating doing a training, whether it is compliance training or a professional development training, please contact me and we can discuss how best to meet your organizations needs.

Here is a full list of the programs I offer.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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