Consider Humanism

 If you are looking around for a philosophy or religion that works better than your current worldview, consider Humanism. 

I am obviously biased, but I do think Humanism is a better way of going through life than all the other alternatives. 

1) It's adaptable. We don't have a dogma. Either things are true or they aren't. If we find out something we believed isn't true, we accept reality. This allows us to more effectively and quickly adapt to the situations we find ourselves in. It also makes it easier to adapt to change.

2) It's reality based. I can't overstate how helpful this is in problem solving.

3) It's compassionate and loving. Humanism is first and foremost about loving life and loving humanity. And that means love in all it's varied dimensions from altruism to passion. Love is simply a wonderful lens through which to experience life.

4) It's about being responsible. We have the ability and therefore we have the responsibility to fix our problems. We can make the world a better place for us all to live in and we have a moral obligation to work towards that.

5) It provides meaning and purpose in an otherwise impersonal universe.  We choose to love. We choose to be responsible. We choose to be reality based and we choose to adapt. These choices, impact everything. Loving people provides motivation and purpose. Responsibility provides impetus and motivation. 

I live my life in a state of general contentedness and happiness. I always wake up feeling motivated. Does any of it matter in the grand scheme of things? Nope. But it matters to me in the here and now and that is actually enough.

Simply put, Humanism works for me, and for the many other Humanists who are making a mark on the world and who have, throughout history, changed the world.  Many of the most influential thinkers in history, were humanists or humanistic in their approach.

So .... if you are thinking about your religious or philosophic options, consider Humanism. 

I have online courses, may of them free that will give you an introduction:

And there are lots of books on the subject:

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