The 10 Commitments of Humanism

The American Humanist Association - Center for Learning - published the 10 Humanist Commitments.  They are worth reading.

The article about what all these commitments mean is here:  And .. there is a simplified kids version:

What I like about these commitments and principles is that because they are Humanist - they are without any specific religious creed. This allows them to be used by anyone to 'form a strong basis on which character development can be delivered."

The idea behind this was to provide students with a positive basis for moral development.

I also like it because - they are not commandments - which are externally imposed, but rather commitments we make to ourselves and to each other to be better people. And I do think people who are internally motivated to be ethical - do a better job at being good than people who are only being good to avoid punishment.

Finally - for me - it was timely because I am involved in the International Humanistic Management Association and we are currently onboarding our first cohort of fellows and one of the things they want and need to be good advocates for humanistic management - is a clear statement of what it means to be a Humanist.  These 10 commitments - are exactly what they wanted and need to help promote humanistic cultural change within organizations.

How do you plan to use the commitments?

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