Learning how to argue effectively

I was recently introduced to an online game that teachers logic and debate and more importantly the rules of debate and how to recognize valid and invalid arguments.

It's a pretty cool game to play and a neat way to learn debate techniques.  How to ask questions and get clarification so you can understand what is being said in a debate and what it means.

You will notice - it's a game that teaches you how to ask questions.  Not how to argue. And that's important because the skill of asking questions - good questions - is a good skill to learn. It's also how you learn to "win" arguments. 

You can play the game here for free - http://socratesjones.com/

Now - if you want to learn how to win a debate or how to win an argument - you need to take my online course on Socratic Jujitsu - https://humanistlearning.com/socratic-jujitsu/

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