Social Entrepreneur combating bullying and harassment

My goal – is to stop bullying.  I teach how to train a bully to stop using behavioral techniques known as operant conditioning. Basically – the science of how you train someone to leave you alone.  I have a website dedicated to this topic and the sharing of this information:

I founded an online learning company – called Humanist Learning Systems to help promote this social agenda.

Regarding why I started Humanist Learning Systems.  Here is the problem. To stop bullying, I need to teach parents – how to more effectively help their kids – by teaching the parents the science – so that they can support their kids through a bullying situation and help the child stop it successfully. 
I have 3 inter-related problems.

1) I am only 1 person. And I can’t possibly teach every parent in the country what I know – individually. I have to scale up to accomplish this.

2) Parents don’t know I can help them and so don’t know to look for me. This is both an advertising problem but also an awareness problem. Most people don’t know there is actually a science-based approach that can help them – so they don’t even know to look for the right kind of help. 

3) In order to dedicate myself to this project I have to get paid. This is a full time job of a project and I can’t dedicate myself to it unless I have the money to support myself. So I do have to get paid to do this work.

The opportunity:

I want to teach parents how to teach their kids to stop bullies.  Where are the parents? In the workplace. Being subjected to harassment training every 2 years that doesn’t actually teach them anything useful. Every 2 years, most adults in the country are taught – harassment is against the law. Don’t do it. But what if … this training taught them – if it happens to you – here is how you get it to stop. Using science.  If I could tweak the existing harassment training programs to include this important information – I could reach the very parents I want to reach on the scale I want.

The business:

Provide sexual harassment training – that includes the behavioral science information that people need and want. By doing so – I am not just getting paid to do a training. I am also providing parents with the information they need to help their kids.

 What has grown out of this is that I also provide training to entrepreneurs and individuals on how to deal with unwanted behavior like passive aggression, cranky customers and more.  All information adults want – but that also provides the information they need as parents to help their kids.

Hire me:

To take one of my courses or hire me to help your staff - check out the courses I offer at: 

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