Solving problems with compassion is the Humanist way

The number one thing I teach that gets the most push-back is compassion.People just don't want to be nice to people they don't like. But compassion really is the key to better interpersonal relationships and therefore better problem solving.

Most of the problems we encounter involve other people. We need other people's help. Or other people are in our way - or actively working against us. Whatever the problem is - it involves another person.

Being nice and compassionate helps you solve your problem in 2 main ways.

1) Thinking compassionately about the individual you are in conflict helps you think more critically and realistically about the problem and how to resolve it. Most people are self centered, which means - most people are not intentionally hurting you. They are just trying to help themselves.

2)  Knowing this, allows you to not turn what isn't a conflict - into a conflict. Instead, you can chose your reactions to what is going on - to increase the cooperation and decrease resistance. And this is most easiest done when you aren't treating other people like threats, but as potential allies. And to do that, it helps to think of people compassionately.

To help you learn these skills, I have an online course - Living Made Simpler, it takes you through humanist morality, the use and application of compassion, critical thinking and how to use these skills to cope more effectively.

Basically - how can you use Humanism to be more effective, have better relationships and feel more fulfilled?  Yeah - compassion.

Here is the link to the course:

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