Species-ism vs Humanism

I am a Humanist, but that does not mean I'm species-ist.

I am a Human. I have made a choice to be the best most ethical human I can be.  That, to me, is what it means to be a humanist.

It does not mean that I don't like other species. Or that I think humans are superior to other species. That concept of species superiority tends to be a religious concept, not a humanistic one.

It just means, given that I was born human and have certain faculties, I should probably put them to good use. And I spend time, thinking about what that means and thinking about how best to manifest whatever I think it means in my daily life.

To me, Humanism is a practice. The practice of trying to be a good person.  It is a commitment to myself - to be a good person.  It's something I do for me.

The fact that being nice helps me slide through life easier - is bonus.

For those of you who consider yourself to be humanists, what does being a humanist mean to you? 

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