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I have been thinking a lot about this recently. I don't want to give 110% of myself to my work. I want to give like 85%. That's a good solid B outcome. I'm good with that if it means I have more time for my family and for myself.

To do this well I need to be efficient - get the work done, but don't make that 100% of who I am. 85% is enough.

There is a short video of Bill Gates talking about what he learned about time management from Warren Buffet - who is sitting right there and adds his 2 cents.

The lessons:

  • You can’t buy time. Time is precious.
  • Time spent sitting and thinking is important.
People who follow my work - think I work really hard. The reality is I don't. I take a lot of time for myself. The reason people think I work hard is because I work efficiently precisely because I value my down time A LOT!  I value my family time. A LOT!  I value my sitting and thinking time. A LOT!

Sure - I could do more. I could run myself ragged. Make more money - but I'm accomplishing the things I want and I have good work life balance. Today - I not only went for a walk. I played a video game. Ate a nice dinner with my family and still got several blog posts written, a final edit of a book done, outreach with a colleague done and more.

For me, what makes this balance possible is that I am committed to having free time. If I don't value it - I don't schedule it.  I am committed to being present for my son. To help him with the things he needs and to spend time doing nothing with him.  Valuing that - ensures that I consider the impact work commitments have on my free time.

I normally promote work related courses, but today - I want to encourage you to take a personal development program. That will help you think through your ethics. What is important and how you define "success" - humanistically.

The first is a 6 hour course - Living Made Simpler https://humanistlearning.com/livingmadesimpler1/

If that is too much of a time commitment - I have a shorter program that is available as a streaming video at Amazon - or as an online course with instructor feedback called "Planning for Personal Success." https://humanistlearning.com/video-planning-for-personal-success/

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