Using science & philosophy to create a happier workplace.

I was recently invited to speak in India at the Happy Workplace conclave organized by Mukund Trivedy at Straight Drive. It was an excellent conclave. Really inspiring actually. So inspiring, I totally changed up what I was planning to talk about and I spoke from the heart. I'm told that people felt I was speaking as an Indian as the issues we face are common human problems everywhere.

Here is the video of my talk.  I spoke on how to use humanistic philosophy and science to actually create happier workplaces.

Creating happier more inclusive workplaces benefit business because they improve problem solving and as I said in my speech, all businesses are in the business of solving problems. If they aren't, they aren't in business for long.

The challenge is how do we actually create happier more inclusive workplaces when we humans are wired to be ... tribal. The answer is by using science to help us understand our own behavioral responses and to help us improve the behavior of our teams and to create cultural change within our organizations and in society in general.

Let me know what you think of my talk.

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