Hire More Women

The solution to sexual harassment problems is simple. Hire More Women.  NO seriously - that's the solution.

Don't believe me? Here is what Harvard Business Review has to say about all our efforts to date - and why sexual harassment training doesn't work, but hiring and promoting more women does: https://hbr.org/2017/11/training-programs-and-reporting-systems-wont-end-sexual-harassment-promoting-more-women-will

To help drive home the point - here is a song.

There are many reasons why women aren't represented in the numbers they should be in companies - but one of them is that they are harassed out of the company and leave. Yes - that is what the Harvard research shows.

If you want more women - and you totally do since many different reports show that companies with women in position of power perform better than male only management teams - then you need to protect the women in your workplace so that they a) stay and b) rise the ranks to management.

PS - here are some links to the research on companies with women in management:

But really - the best thing you can do - is when you find a guy who has been harassing people - fire him and replace him with a woman. Corporate culture is determined by the last person promoted. So stop promoting harassers and start promoting women who have the courage to speak up. 

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