Humanistic Management Training – As a First Step

There is no doubt we need to change how we run our businesses. The greed ethic is counter-productive and harmful to society. But what can we do to change it?

There are a variety of reasons why people create businesses. Some want money and don’t care what the business is. Others care deeply about solving problems using their business. Most businesses are a mixture of good will and desire for money and a living for your family. So are just – you have to do something.

We have proposals on how to run our economies, everything from tight government control, to democratic socialism, to socialistic capitalism to laissez faire capitalism. Which should we choose? Which will help humans thrive?

I am not an economist and don’t plan to debate the merits or demerits of different systems here. What I want to suggest is that  a small reasonable change in our personal ethics can help us move towards a better society regardless of what the government decides to do.

Humanistic business management, as a philosophy, helps us as individuals make choices that are more ethical, compassionate, responsible and effective. That’s because Humanism encourages us to be reality based and human focused. Our reason for working is to help ourselves and help others and help the society in which we live. We do this by being ethical, responsible and practical.

We choose our solutions to do the most good and the least harm. We respect the humans we work with and for – as humans.  This is about how we make decisions and how we, as individuals, chose to act, and whether we tolerate bad behavior by others.

This last bit is important to the world of business. I view my Humanism as a personal practice. Something I do for me because I want to be good and to do good in the world. I’m not that concerned about what other people chose. Except, in my interpersonal and business dealings. Then I care a great deal.

If I am doing business with someone who is unethical, I have a choice. I can chose to continue to do business with them knowing I am aiding and abetting their bad behavior, or I can chose not to. Same with employees. I have a choice to make and I can either make what I think is an ethical choice or an expedient choice.

Making expedient choices leads to problems. There are numerous examples of companies whose ethical culture slid to the point people were killed. The BP Oil Disaster for instance or any number of automotive recalls that were delayed and ignored by car manufacturers. The solution to these problems is to prioritize ethics, which is what Humanistic Management does.

If you have taken my How to Create a Sexual Harassment Training That Actually Works program ( you will know that a single training does not change corporate culture.  Prioritizing ethics is something that has to be done over time and it has to come from the top. But, that doesn’t mean that a training doesn’t help. It does.

Offering a practical training in Humanistic Management can help lay the foundation of ethical decision making and interpersonal relationships that can move your company forward so that your managers focus on making ethical decisions and not just expedient ones.

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