Are you asking the right questions?

This is a lesson in leadership for Human Resources professionals.

This came across my newsfeed the other day. It’s a post from a woman in one of my mom’s groups on Facebook.  It concerns an exit interview she had with a company she worked for.

“WTF really [company redacted]? They sent me a survey on my employment experience. Oddly there was nowhere to type WHY I left. And hostile work environment wasn't an option. Then they dare to ask if I'd ever come back and if I'd recommend them. I don't know [company redacted] your management bullied me to the point I walked out mid shift...what do you think?”

I teach how to stop bullying using behavioral techniques so, this post cut close to me. This is preventable. Both the bullying this person endured and the abysmal attempt at an exit interview which completely failed to provide any useful information to the company. I mean, why even bother if you aren’t open to learning what’s really going on?

I talk to HR pros all the time and they tell me – oh we don’t have a bullying problem here. Really? How would you know? I mean sure, your company may be the exception. But most places have at least 1 problem person. Sometimes the problems are systemic. But they all have interpersonal issues of some sort. You simply can’t get a lot of people together and not have them clash from time to time.

If you aren’t hearing about these problems, it’s not because your company isn’t experiencing them. It’s because you aren’t being told about them. Most employees don’t report abuse because most abuse is supervisor on employee. Reporting abuse can get you fired.

If you really want to know what’s going on, you have to do a little digging. And you have to be open to what you might find. You also need a plan for how to deal with what you find so that you can fix it.

If you aren’t aware of which of your supervisors is abusive, then you simply aren’t asking the right questions.

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