Dealing with Negative Emotions and Fear

We all experience fear at some point in our lives. Some of us more than others. How we deal with it and IF we deal with it impact our success in life.

Tiffany asks: 

How do I learn to deal with negative emotions without expecting a positive outcome if I choose to be courageous and take action in spite of my fears? What other motivation is there?


If you are going to take courageous action in spite of your fears - it's because you feel there is something positive to be gained from doing so.  That you might not succeed is part of that equation. If you feel it is important to try anyway - do it.

The way to deal with the fear and the negative emotions is to accept them as legitimate but decide to act anyway.  There is no rule that says - you have to be happy to do positive things.  If something is scary - it's scary.  It might not work out.  But if it is important to try - do it anyway.

The only time I have 2nd thoughts about things like this is if I might get injured or killed by doing so. Otherwise, I just accept the fear and the negative emotions - and do what needs to be done anyway.

The idea that you have to have positive emotions all the time - is unrealistic and unhelpful.  Accept the negative for what it is in the moment.  What happens is that AFTER you have acted in accordance with your moral values despite the pressure not to - THAT is when you feel good about yourself.  In the moment, it's nothing but anxiety and fear.   To get to the happy - you have to get to the other side. And to get there – requires action.

My favorite quote about this is from Winston Churchill.  If you are going through hell. Keep going.

The journey may not be pleasant, but the destination is sure to be better than your present.  Don't try to erase your negative emotions. Accept them and do what is right despite them.

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