Turning your visions into reality through personal initiative

My niece Kari coined this term as a new business buzz word with the goal of making a ton of money in the self help/business/leadership market.  I loved it and immediately told her I was stealing it.  And, if you ever hear this in the coaching marketplace or as a meaningless business buzzword, you will know where it originated (credit: Visionitative - Feb 2014 coined by Kari Hancock).

So – here goes.  What is Visionitiative?  It is the act of taking the initiative to make your vision a reality.  As a Humanist, I love this term.  Why?  Because I hate the positive thinking movement.

It’s not that I don’t like positive thinking. I do. I think positively all the time.  It’s just that I also think realistically. I have a grand and glorious vision of the future that involves running centers for Humanist learning all over the world and my family being fabulously wealthy real estate moguls and more.  But this is actually a realistic vision that I can and should be able to achieve through hard work and persistence.

To get there – I need ... visionitiative!  I need a vision and initiative. Both. Otherwise all I have is a really cool dream. And this is where Humanism differs from positive thinking. We don’t just think great thoughts and assume that the universe will magically provide for us.  We do something to make it happen.  Crazy, I know, but it does seem to work better than the just think good thoughts and hope for the best approach, otherwise known as magical thinking.

In the meantime, look for a visionitiative training from Humanist Learning Systems coming soon.

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