Just Keep Swimming

Sometimes all you can do is keep going.

I have a friend who, whenever things get tough sings, just keep swimming from Finding Nemo.  I love it when she does that because it’s a great life philosophy. And even though my friend is Christian, I think it’s very humanistic of her.

Here’s why. Life is hard. It’s difficult and things don’t always go your way. But being alive, as hard as it is, is better than the alternative.

By reminding yourself to just keep swimming when things get hard, you are doing 2 very important things.

  • Telling yourself not to give up, and
  • Reminding yourself that things will eventually get better. They normally do.

Why is that important? Because hope is what keeps humanity going. Lose hope, lose your will to live.

If you know that if you just keep swimming, you will eventually end up somewhere, anywhere, it’s easier to bear the present, as unpleasant as it is.

So, just keep swimming.

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