Truth and Lies

Came across this graphic the other day.  “The only people mad at you for speaking the truth are those who are living a lie. Keep speaking it.”  Being a Humanist and a natural born thinker, my first thought was yeah, but how do you know if you are speaking the truth or not.  Maybe you are the one who is speaking a lie and you just think it’s the truth. and the reason everyone else is mad at you is because you refuse to embrace reality and you are causing all sorts of problems as a result.

Humanists are naturally skeptical. I realize this graphic is meant to inspire people to keep pushing when they think they are right. But we Humanists prefer to actually be right. So, the first thing we do when we encounter opposition to our ideas is not to assume we are on the right track because people are mad. But to find out WHY people are mad at us in the first place. Again, don’t assume you know. You could be wrong.

It is only after a humbling bit of soul searching, self-reflection of our motives to ensure we aren’t deluding ourselves combined with quite a bit of research to find out if we have our facts straight or not that we can move forward, assuming that we found out that we were indeed right all along. 

So yes, people do get mad at people who speak the truth. But before you assume that you are speaking the truth, double check to  make sure you aren’t actually repeating a damaging lie

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