No Regrets

Your Choices Can Change Your Life
Once again The Atlantic Magazine published an article that created quite a stir amongst feminists – it was about how women still can’t have it all. Unlike some, I really liked the article. I thought it was a nice change of pace from the rather pessimistic feminist fare they’ve had of late. (And yes, it is interesting that I interpret the frank pessimism of the article as optimistically realistic.)

Anyway – I agree because I think the idea that anyone can have it all is a fantasy. Living a successful life consists of making choices. Some of these choices necessarily close off future potential in other areas of our lives. For instance, when I chose to get a degree in Hawaii, I was also choosing not to take a job in Japan. It was a choice I had no choice but to make. I couldn’t do both. I could only do one or the other or neither. That choice most definitely change the trajectory of my life.

It seems to me that the key to being happy in life isn’t in somehow managing to have it all. Rather, the key is learning how not to regret the choices that are the turning points in your life. 

Image: "Past Present And Future Signpost" by Stuart Miles


  1. In 1996 we had to make a choice of vacations: go to the Olympics in Atlanta or cruise to Alaska. Life changing? You bet! Our friends chose the Olympics and we chose cruising - a vacation option to this day we exercise as often as possible!
    Regrets? None.

  2. I'd have chosen Alaska as well. My hubby and I were married on an Alaskan ferry in the middle of Prince William Sound, so I may be a little bit biased.


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