Slow Down You Move Too Fast

Even horses don't
like to be rushed

My aunt Jane trains horses. Hopefully she will love the fact that I am sharing her wisdom on my blog. Anyway – on facebook – she shared a truism from her experience working with horses. And it is true, for all of us. The more you are in a rush, the harder and longer tasks seem to take, especially when you are dealing with someone else, like a horse, who doesn’t want to be rushed. She said,=
“Act as if you have only 15 minutes and it will take you all day. Act as if you have all day and it will only take you 15 minutes.”
I have been there and done that and whenever I am in a rush and the universe starts to conspire against me, I remind myself to slow down and not worry about the time. Not only does this reduce my stress, it also helps me to stop making the mistakes that my rushing about was causing.

So, whenever you are facing a similar disconnect between the amount of time you have to do something and the amount of time it is suddenly taking you to do it, relax.  And sing this classic from Simon and Garfunkel to sooth your mood.

Image: "Horse Yawning" by Tina Phillips:

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