A Strange Wonderful Thing

It may come as a surprise to find that my book about The Humanist Approach to Happiness wasn’t actually written for Humanists. Crazy talk, I know. But I wrote it to help teach non-Humanists the tools we Humanists use to live a happy and productive life, because, really, we do have a good approach.

Anyway, one of the most common experiences I have when talking to non-Humanists about Humanism is that they get really excited and want to know all about it. Happens all the times in my interviews. In fact, just last week I was supposed to talk about how Humanism impacts parenting on The Way of the Toddler Hour. Instead, Lori wanted to know all about Humanism. Which is cool. Super cool actually. We never did talk about parenting.

The same thing happened this week on Spirituality Raw. I do encourage you to listen to these interviews, because they represent something important to those of us who are Humanists. And that is that people are REALLY interested and excited to learn about the philosophy. We should be working hard to tell people about it.

As my friend Swami Worldtraveler related to me, the general response we get when talking about our philosophy is “What is this strange wonderful thing ‘Humanism’ of which you speak?” People really do want to know.

And if you do, you should get my new ebook - Jen Hancock’s Handy Humanism Handbook. I’m giving it away free to people who sign up for my mailing list. (*smile*)


  1. I agree. I've read quite a bit about humanism's goals of equality, and using science to guide our decisions, abortion rights, and church vs state. All good stuff but I already believe in equality and use science where I can - the rest is very high level political stuff.

    What interests me is a philosophy of life that builds in not just the principle of science but emphasises the current findings, including psychological findings in happiness etc. I'm looking for information also on societal 'rights' and needs vs individual needs. So now to listen to the interview and read your book.

    ps. I don't know if I'll find this comment thread again... you don't have a "subscribe to this thread" button...

  2. Hi Greg - here is a link you might like - a great article on the nexus between science, philosophy and Humanism as it relates to Happiness:


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