It’s Practical

Had a cool experience today. Dropped my son off at his day care and the woman who was filling in for the proprietor asked me how my summer had been and so we started talking about how I had wanted to promote my book to parents of teens but hadn’t had the chance because, well, I’m the parent of a 5 yr old on summer vacation and I just haven’t had the time to do any work of any significance. Anyway, this led to us talking about my book.  She wanted to buy a copy and asked me to bring one with me when I picked up my son because she is a grandma with pre-teen grandkids and this sounded like a perfect book to read and discuss with them and for herself as well.

When I dropped it off, we talked some more and here’s when the cool thing happened.  She was joking about how she is a Christian but still thought the book sounded good. I assured her there wasn’t anything in it about religion, just practical stuff as that is what Humanism focuses on, practical stuff not religious stuff. And she said, “Exactly! That’s why I want the book. It’s practical!”

And here’s why I think that’s so cool. Anyone can benefit from Humanism! And most people want to, even knowing that it is a non-religious approach to morality, they still want it precisely because, it’s practical, straightforward and it makes sense. 

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