Humanism in America

Map of Humanist Groups Across America by Jen Hancock
So I've been doing a little research using MapInfo.I'm a bit rusty. But basically, I was trying to figure out where the Humanist groups are for a writing project I'm working on. I decided it might be fun to map the groups.Yes, I am a geek.  Anyhoo - I made this map. It shows all the Humanist groups (blue diamonds), the Student groups (light blue squares), Center for Inquiry groups (yellow diamonds), American Ethical Union groups (purple-ish diamonds) and the Secular Jewish Humanist groups (green triangles).

It's an interesting map and rather pretty if I don't say so myself. Thinking about converting to a raster image at some point, but I realized that's a bit geeky and really, wasn't necessary for the research I was doing.(sigh). Work first.

Anyway - feel free to share - just make sure you credit me as the creator of the map.  Thanks!

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