Which path would you choose?

Humanism is a philosophy of choice.  It is a choice to decide to live your life ethically. It is a choice to decide that what really matters is how you behave towards others. It is a choice to respect others as the individuals they are instead of lumping people together into some sort of generic caricature.  It is a choice to remain optimistic about the future, despite the problems of the present.

To effectively solve our problems we know that knowledge is better then ignorance so we choose to be educated.  To make sure we aren’t missing some key piece of the puzzle we choose to practice Freethought. And because we know that, despite our best efforts, our own reasoning may be flawed we choose to be critical of our own thinking.

And finally, a Humanist chooses to put their reason and compassion into action. It is a choice to reject the status quo if the status quo involves suffering. It is a choice to make a commitment to yourself that when the situation calls for it, you will to do what needs to be done to end an injustice. 

People are not born Humanists, though they may be born to Humanists parents.  To be a Humanist is to make a choice. And that choice is to be the best, most moral human being you can be. Not because you are expecting a reward or punishment as a result of your choice. But because being a good person is who you want and choose to be.


  1. Regarding the choice in your image, I'd say it depends on how crowded the area is. If it's empty, run to the alarm first, then the exit. If it's crowded, shout to the people by the alarm to sound the alarm, then encourage everyone to proceed calmly to the exit.


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