Which is more important: Effectiveness or Efficiency.

 Effectiveness is more important than efficiency.


At the end of the day, either the problem gets solved or it doesn’t. I don’t care how efficient a solution is, if it doesn’t solve my problem, I’ve still got a problem, except that I just wasted time on a solution that didn’t work.  

To me, it is more efficient to focus on whether something will be effective.   If I must solve a problem twice, because my first solution didn’t work, that’s not an efficient use of my time.

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Yes - I do have an online course that can help you learn how to solve problems effectively and efficiently. It's called Reality Based Decision Making for Effective Strategy Development.


Topics Discussed

1) 1 simple technique to ensure you focus your real problem and not a proxy problem
2) 6 critical thinking skills necessary to ensure your strategy is reality based
3) How to evaluate your alternatives scientifically

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