What personal development/certifications should HR professionals (new managers) take advantage of?

I offer online certificate programs that are useful to HR professionals.  In addition to my certificate – the online programs are approved for CE for HRCI and SHRM and some for the CA and FL Bar for CLE.

The first is a ~10 hour certificate program in Humanistic Conflict Management


The hardest part of management is dealing with the interpersonal problems that arise. This program will teach you how to effectively, ethically and compassionately deal with conflict while still being professional.

Upon completion you will receive a certificate in Humanistic Conflict Management and may refer to yourself as a humanistic conflict management professional

The next is an 8 hour Certificate Program in Applied Humanistic Leadership


Learn how to be a more authentic and effective leader who is both powerfully ethical and armed with the technical skills required to master whatever challenges you face with grace and dignity.

Finally – I have a 16 hour program for Certified Humanistic Leadership Professionals


Upon completion you will receive a certificate stating you are a certified Humanistic Leadership Professional.

Hope this helps.

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