Organizational Structure - Emergent Coordination

I came across a very cool graphic about organizational models - using insects.  What are the different ways animals and insects coordination their behavior. It's called - Swarm Command and Control Models.  It has implications for how we organize as humans.

I like this as a graphic representation on how to think about organizing. 

I like the emergent coordination best actually. The International Humanistic Management Association is emergent coordinated.  And we are loving it - but it has taken us some time to help - orient people to this form of organizing because people - expect hierarchy and central control. Most people have never experienced organizations operating in an emergent coordinated fashion.

Specifically – Onboarding – has been – REALLY interesting.  One of my backgrounds is in volunteer management and the emergent paradigm – made it difficult for me – to join and participate at first and to get my grounding – as I am used to – central or hierarchy control. 

Now that I understand it – I’ve helped facilitate – on-boarding of new volunteers and nodes so they can operate independently but still be coordinated with the larger – swarm. 

If you want to learn more about the International Humanistic Management Association - visit their website at:

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