How the socratic method can help us cut through confirmation bias

There is a big think video by Dr. Shali Tarot on why facts don't change people's minds. And ... what can help.  What she says works is exactly what I teach in my course – winning arguments without winning. The socratic method.

Here is the link for the article.

Arguing facts - doesn't change people's minds. Facts, instead -  "polarizes groups of people even further, because of our in-built confirmation biases—something we all fall prey to, equally."

What does work?  Finding common motives. We do that - by asking questions to identify our areas of common agreement and then work from there to build up to a solution we all can agree on.

Yes, this works. Yes, it's very humanistic.  Yes - I teach how to do this.

Yes - it also comes in book form -

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