Why civility is good for business

Dignity, civility, compassion and professionalism. Humanistic Leadership in a nutshell.

There is a great ted talk on the importance of civility and how it's good for business.

I was

I was thinking about this the other day. Civility is good for business.

I live in an area that is still basically - segregated. It's getting better. But the laws that created the segregation in housing, work, etc - are still in force and you don't undo centuries of segregation in just a few years. Attitudes and civility and dignity has increased - but we still have way too many people who do not view some members of our community - as members of the community. And they are not civil about it. At. All.  This lack of civility is real in places where segregation was an active force in community development.

How does this impact our economies? Well - it's pretty clear that in places in the US where diversity is the norm, you have booming economies. The economically depressed areas of the countries - are the places where segregation was enforced. This pattern holds - everywhere in the country.

Civility and dignity - isn't just about being nice to each other, though ... that is nice.  It's also about how we deal with and cope with people who are different than us.

Diversity is difficult. Dealing with people who don't share our backgrounds or religions, is difficult. And yet, most of us navigate that just fine - by being civil to each other. Through civility - we recognize our common humanity and dignity and worth of the people we are interacting with. 

That civility - allows us to work together and through that work - exchange goods and services with people who are different from us. It allows us create and generate wealth - separately - yet together.  Why? Because we aren't artificially restricting our customer base!!!! 

In places where segregation was enforced, that basic level of dignity and civility was absent.  The result - depressed economic activity as the building blocks for economic activity - were absent.

Diversity isn't just a moral good. It's an economic good. To get there - we have to  not just be more civil - we have to recognize the dignity of everyone we work with and all our customers. Which is why humanistic management and humanistic businesses and a humanistic economy is so important. 

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