Go ahead. Do it poorly. Just do it!

My husband always says, one of the reasons I am successful - is I get projects completed.  I may not do them perfectly - but I get them done and that puts me well ahead of people who don't complete tasks at all.

He's right.  Don't worry about doing things well. Go ahead and do it poorly. Just - do it!

Here is a graphic that explains it better than I can.

I find this is especially helpful advice for the times I've been depressed or mentally distressed.  The hardest part for me - of climbing my way out is the knowledge that anything I do in a distressed state - is not going to be my best work. Heck - it's probably not even going to be good work.

But if I just do it anyway - I get it done. This can be as simple as convincing myself to go to the mailbox and pick up the mail.  It helps me to keep moving forward even when I really don't have it in me to do much.  And little progress - is still progress.

Overtime, that little bit of progress adds up.

My husband and I recently purchased a REALLY cheap robot vac.  It's small. It doesn't have a large canister.  It doesn't map the floor. It just randomly moves about sucking things up.   And we love it!  It's great!

Why?  Because we are comparing it to not vacuuming at all.  This things doesn't cover the entire floor when it goes out. Heck- it may miss a room entirely. But it vacuums part of the floor. And over the period of a week - it probably gets to 90% of our floor. Which is 90% of the floor vacuumed imperfectly - which is way way way better than zero percent of the floor vacuumed perfectly. 

So go ahead - do it poorly. Just do it. 

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