10 responsibilities for humanistic managers

The European Journal for Work and Organizational Psychology - recently published a manifesto outlining 10 responsibilities we have to create better work environments and a better world.

Here are the responsibilities:

This list of responsibilities reads like a humanist manifesto and I do think everyone could benefit from adopting and integrating this concept of responsibility into their daily life and decision making. Think how much nicer the world and work would be if we all kept our full responsibilities in mind. 

1) we have responsibilities towards individuals
2) we have responsibilities towards ourselves
3) we have responsibilities towards reducing inequalities
4) we have responsibilities towards our community
5) we have responsibilities as supervisors and managers
6) we have responsibilities towards how work is organized 
7) we have responsibilities toward how the publication system is organized (or promotion system)
8) we have responsibilities towards how our financing is organized
9) we have responsibilities towards society
10) we have to integrate our recommendations into our teaching

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