Using Leadership Skills with Family Members

Companies increasingly value soft skills like communication, empathy, conflict resolution, collaborative ability, etc. Can we and should we use the leadership skills we learn at work to manage difficult people in our personal lives?


Leadership skills are definitely transferable. For instance you can use your leadership skills to gain consensus on holiday plans. Or even just – what movie are you going to see.  I realize I should have posted this - before the holidays, but better late than never. 

Leadership skills in particular - can help you deal with difficult people. Knowing how to work around the difficulty and get them focused on what is important is helpful. Knowing how to de-escalate conflicts to focus on the matter at hand – helpful. 

To quote Depeche Mode – people are people. Whether they are in the workplace or at home –  they are human beings and knowing how to relate to people – is an important life skills.

I teach how to stop unwanted behavior using behavioral techniques known as operant conditioning. One of the applications is how to de-escalate conflicts. The skill though - can help stop bullying and abusive behavior. It can help you remain calm when others are freaking out. I joke that I teach one thing – but apply it to a variety of very specific situations. But it’s really just one skill set.

And it is applicable in your interpersonal relationships and your work relationships. It's why I teach both kids, parents and business professionals how to stop bullying and de-escalate conflicts.  It's the same skill set. 

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