Correcting Cognitive Bias to make life more fair

We all have a sense of fairness. And when we aren't treated fairly - we get cranky.   Whether people acknowledgement or not - we all have biases. And these biases impact our decision making.

One of the impact of this is that women and minorities - just aren't hired for jobs - they probably should be. And I talk to people who say - well - maybe they just aren't as talented - as the men.  But ... there is plenty of research on eliminating gender and minority markers - has a positive impact on "diversity" hiring.  The process - becomes more fair.

Here is a video about it.  Correcting for cognitive biases - taking affirmative action to correct for bias - yields better results. Not just for diversity - but for the quality of people hired. Because - let's face it - if the best person is a woman of color - and they are being discounted because of their gender and skin tone - then you aren't hiring the objectively best person for the job.

A big part of effective decision making and critical thinking skills - is learning to overcome your biases - so that you can make good decisions - based on what is objectively good - and not what you biasedly think is good.

This impacts - every decision you make!  So please - learn critical thinking skills and please learn about how to uncover and control your hidden biases.

Here is a free online course on cognitive bias -
And one on reality based decision making -

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