Ohana - and Humanism

The world would be a better place - if we treated everyone as family. 

The other day - my son and I went on a day trip. We decided to go play miniature golf in Orlando. We played 54 holes of min-golf. For dinner, we went to the Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World - because - why not?

When we walked in - a woman greeted us - gave us fake flower leis and called me cousin. I went to college at UH Manoa in Honolulu Hawaii. So we chatted a bit about the last time she and I had been home. She recommended a meal for us and gave me a hug.

In the lobby - an older woman was making leis. They were beautiful and I honestly couldn't remember the last time I had worn a real lei.  In Hawaii - your friends and family get you leis for special occasions.  You walk around wearing them and everyone you meet (including total strangers) know it's a special day for you and they ask - and celebrate whatever it is with you and share in your joy and love.  When you wear a lei, your day is filled with mini-celebrations all day. It's a wonderful tradition and I honestly do miss it.  I miss sharing in the joy and celebrations of - everyone really.  

 Anyway - I went up to Lei Auntie and we spoke for a bit about how we miss the islands. Then my son and I got dinner, wandered about and then got ready to leave.

I spoke to Lei Aunty again about how beautiful her work was and she gave me a lei for myself and my husband. She said - she makes them for honeymoon couples and even though my hubby was not with us - and we have been married for 20 years, she loved that I wanted to give him a proper ti leaf lei so she just - gave them to me. 

As we exited - I thanked the cousin who welcomed us and gave us our fake flower leis. I thanked her for being kind and her recommendations on dinner and gave her a hug.

On the way to the car, my son asked me - was she really my cousin?  I said no - just in Hawaii - everyone your age - is your cousin. People older then you are aunties and uncles. Everyone is Ohana or extended family.  

He said - the world would be a wonderful place if everyone adopted this attitude. He's right. Which is why I am a Humanist. I view everyone as part of my extended family. We are - all related after all. 

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