What does ROI Mean to me?

ROI means - return on investment.  This is a question about how I decide what to spend my time on. As a solo-preneur trying to a) make a living and b) have a life - I think about this a lot.

To me ROI means – what value do I personally get out of doing something. The fact I like doing it – may be the value of it.

I do things that don’t pay all the time, because whatever it is – has value to me – even if that value isn’t money. It may be about forwarding a social agenda I have. It may be to go someplace cool.  It may be altruistic – helping someone out. It may be because it seemed like fun. All of that is valuable to me.

I am an solo-preneur. So I do have to guard my time and I do ask myself all the time, what will I get out of this.  I rarely weigh monetary gain in making those decisions. It’s mostly – do I like doing this or not?  Will this be something I enjoy? Or not?  Will this make the world a better place if I do it? Or not? 

That is what ROI means to me. But then – I am a Humanist and am a firm believer that business should be about more than just making money. It should also be about making the world a better place – for individuals and for society. And I conscious choose to consider ALL the things I value (work life balance, social justice issues, helping people, fun and making a living) into my decision making matrix.

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