Protection for Gender, Gender Identity and Gender Expression

CA SB 396 went into effect in January. This law requires sexual harassment training to now include specific information on discrimination as a result of gender, gender identity, and gender expression.

My courses, are of course, compliant.

I want to share my supplemental video here for a few reasons.

1) This area is contentious and it shouldn't be.
2) Lots of people don't seem to understand the science of gender
3) Even well meaning people are confused by the terms and issues surrounding this topic and how to talk about it.
4) I'm really proud of this video.

I broke my SB 396 information into two videos.  One is about the law, the other is about the science of gender, identity, and expression and why they are protected by law.

This video is included as an optional supplemental lesson for people who take any of my sexual harassment training courses.

If you are looking for a training that is comprehensive and that will actually help your staff learn how to stop harassment using science - please consider using me.

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