Happiness in the Workplace

I teach humanistic management and problem solving as well as humanist life skills. Basically – philosophy paired with science.

The best way to find meaning in your life is to solve other people’s problems. When we are self-centered, meaning we are thinking about ourselves, our world becomes very narrow. If we instead focus on other people and how we might help them, our world expands and we feel connected in a way that is REALLY powerful.

 The good news about jobs is, they are all about problem solving. If there wasn’t a problem to be solved, there wouldn’t be a job. Focusing on the fact you are there to help people solve problems changes everything about how a person approaches their job, whatever it is.  Sweeping the floor – problem solved. Taking out the trash – problem solved.

Even if the people you work with and for are jerks, at least you are solving problems for customers that really need your help.  When the focus of your work is to help people solve their problems, getting up and getting motivated is easy. It’s not just work – it’s meaningful work.

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