Fear, Anger and Self Control

Thinking rationally and therefore behaving rationally is really hard to do when you are fearful and/or angry.

Yoda said, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering. I gotta be honest, the Nazi’s in Charlottesville terrified me. Really terrified me. As a result, I got really angry. In a way I don’t normally get. I haven’t felt emotions that strong in a long while. It took me 3 whole days before my compassion started to kick in. Normally I can find compassion for people in a matter of minutes, not days.

I am sharing this because self-control is important. We can’t make good decisions or even act in a civilized way if we are fearful to the point of being angry. This is what is wrong with people in hate groups. They have uncontrolled fears that are causing them to get angry and fearful.

So how do we regain control?  First, when you can, remind yourself that your anger is based in fear. Then figure out why you are afraid to the point you are angry. Anger is a protective emotion.  Figure out what you are afraid of and why and remind yourself to be compassionate and you should find your fear ebbing away. That is what works for me.

Just please don’t let your fears consume you because eventually – it will lead to hate and hate doesn’t solve anything.
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